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July 15 2013

1223 e957
beautiful, casual, retro sunglasses

Image size: 500x373
8602 55af
daily outfit, balmain, fashionable

Image size: 500x373
8603 4954
hapiness, heart, inspiring

Image size: 500x300
2477 dc6e
be yourself, beautiful, pink

Image size: 500x266

July 14 2013

0278 bd06
bag, brown, closet

Image size: 500x500
0282 ea67
amazing, style, awesome

Image size: 500x500

July 13 2013

3407 65e8
add tags to describe image

Image size: 500x500

July 11 2013

1544 96e0
inspiring, true, you are

Image size: 400x429

July 08 2013

2425 df8d
brown, hair, hairstyle

Image size: 480x480
0893 65de
Dream, beautiful, chic

Image size: 500x333
9402 eb53
adorable, beige, black

Image size: 500x345
6789 c9d5
beautiful, blond, blue

Image size: 500x500
6826 1ea4
believe, boy, cute

Image size: 500x331

July 07 2013

5693 2375
Polyvore, aztec, bag

Image size: 600x600
6790 d537
beautiful, brown, girl

Image size: 1080x1440
3061 584d
adorable, beautiful, brunette

Image size: 500x333
3727 49a8
Get, better, hope

Image size: 500x353
3063 25d4
adorable, barbie, blond

Image size: 500x375
3065 1776
Dream, dreaming, dreams

Image size: 333x333
6237 9d23
Big Ben, art, beautiful

Image size: 546x741
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