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July 07 2013

3266 490f
beautiful, boots, brown

Image size: 496x560
3267 d854
braid, brown, bun

Image size: 612x612
9311 cc15
Just Do It, blond, blue

Image size: 333x248
9314 fdc1
Polyvore, bag, bag fringes

Image size: 600x600
9316 7bd8
autumn, beautiful, brown

Image size: 340x512
0496 8510
andrey hepburn, black, brown

Image size: 400x266
6802 2236
Words to Live By, happy quotes, inspiration

Image size: 400x480
0270 7cef
babe, barbie, beach

Image size: 500x320
6431 dbbe
brown, dots, girl

Image size: 720x497

July 06 2013

2044 29e8
bernese, black, brown

Image size: 900x675
2045 3044
beautiful, beauty, blue

Image size: 600x866
2046 e2bc
5, Just Do It, blond

Image size: 500x373
2047 a6f1
beach, beauty, bikini

Image size: 600x600
8319 23bd
makeup, love, gold

Image size: 736x1003
8321 fe55
Hot, beautiful, black

Image size: 500x657
8323 4733
Hot, beautiful, black

Image size: 500x656
8325 4afb
makeup, love, want

Image size: 800x800
4986 b438
Hot, beautiful, black

Image size: 550x722
4988 bf14
Hot, beautiful, black

Image size: 530x696
2878 01bb
Hot, amazing, beautiful

Image size: 500x684
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